About MachineTranslation.com

Thinking Big, Moving Fast

A small team with a passion for languages, technology and people.

Why MachineTranslation.com?

We think big and move fast

We rapidly adapt to the latest advancements in AI and language technology, ensuring you quick access cutting-edge solutions.

We focus on users

Your language challenges are our top priority, guiding every innovation and service we offer.

We learn by experimenting

Our development is driven by genuine feedback and real-world usage. We address pain points as they arise, tailoring our improvements to meet your specific needs.

We love failures

Every setback is a step forward, helping us refine our solutions to better serve you.

MachineTranslation.com is a product developed by Tomedes.

MachineTranslation.com by Tomedes is an advanced AI-assisted aggregator transforming translation. It evaluates, compares, and analyzes machine translation engines, offering fast, high-quality, and cost-effective solutions, ideal for small and medium-sized businesses.

Our Story

The remarkable improvements in the quality and accuracy of machine translation, and the AI revolution fueled by groundbreaking companies like OpenAI in the past two years have reshaped how businesses and individuals approach language.

This pivotal evolution inspired us at Tomedes to create MachineTranslation.com in 2023 – a product combining these technological advancements to better serve translation and localization buyers worldwide in terms of quality, cost, and speed.

This online platform, an aggregator of machine translation engines, is designed to eliminate language barriers that hinder business growth.

MachineTranslation.com is an aggregator of MT engines,
designed to eliminate language barriers online
and across the globe.

Are you a startup, a growing business, or an individual with global aspirations?

MachineTranslation.com offers you a unique advantage. By aggregating various MT engines, our platform not only delivers multiple, top-quality translations quickly but also provides smart, comparative analyses and quality scores.

This is your key to unlocking quality, fast, and cost-effective cross-cultural communication in any digital space worldwide.

What can MachineTranslation.com do for you?

Struggling with time-consuming traditional translations?

Instant Multi-Language Translation

MachineTranslation.com offers instant translation, delivering multiple language outputs with a single click in seconds.

Unsure about the accuracy of different translations?

MT Engine Comparison & Analysis

Our platform allows easy comparison between engines, complete with quality scores, so you can choose the best.

Overwhelmed by the choices in MT engines?

MT Engine Recommendation

We analyze your text and intelligently recommend the most suitable engine for your specific project needs.

Worried about the reliability of your translations?

Translation Quality Insights

Gain crucial insights into the quality of your translations with our platform, aiding better decision-making.

Unsure whether you need post editing?

MTPE Assessment

Receive expert guidance on whether your content could benefit from human post-editing for added accuracy.

Facing budget constraints for translation services?

Free Translation Credits

Start with our 300 free credits to translate up to 300 words at no cost, ideal for testing our platform.

Require more extensive translation services?

Scalable Translation Credit System

Our flexible credit system allows you to translate larger volumes of content quickly, accessing all platform features as needed.