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How many languages does support?

How does ensure the accuracy of translations?

How does this ( compare to human translators in terms of quality?

Why should I choose or MTPE over hiring a human translator?

How does price its translations?

How does handle credit resets for subscribers?

How can I cancel my subscription with

Why am I being charged a minimum of 30 credits for short text translations on

Are there any hidden costs or fees?

How cost-effective is using compared to traditional translation services?

Can I trust the tool with sensitive information? What about the privacy of my data?

Why can I not suddenly translate my text anymore?

What if the language I want to translate to (the target language) is not supported by

What if I am not satisfied with the translation output?

How do you choose which machine translation engines to feature in

How do you score each machine translation engine?

How does's credit system work?

How can I keep track of my credit usage?

What happens if I run out of credits during a translation?

Why does change every time I go on the website?

Do you offer an API for integrating into our workflow?

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