Languages Supported by Popular Machine Translation Engines

In our commitment to keep our readers informed, we have conducted extensive research on the different Machine Translation (MT) engines and the languages they support. The following table is a meticulously curated list, designed to provide you with a clear understanding of the compatibility between numerous languages and the major machine translation engines. We hope this detailed resource serves as a valuable guide for your language service needs.

Please note that while the information provided in the table is accurate at the time of publishing, updates may occur in the future as machine translation engines expand their language support. We recommend checking with every individual machine translation engine provider for the most current information or checking back for updates. This article is to be updated regularly.

List of Machine Translation engines:

Amazon translator iconAmazon

ChatGPT iconChatGPT

DeepL iconDeepL

Google Translate iconGoogle Translate

Microsoft Translator iconMicrosoft Translator

ModernMT iconModernMT

Systran iconSystran

Yandex iconYandex

**data last updated June 2023

[1] Yandex
[2] ModernMT
[3] DeepL
[4] Amazon
[5] Google
[6] Microsoft
[7] Systran