An Overview of Popular Machine Translation APIs' Pricing

Businesses are expanding their reach beyond borders, making communication across different languages a crucial aspect of their operations. Machine Translation (MT) APIs have emerged as valuable tools to break language barriers and streamline cross-lingual interactions.

Choosing the proper machine translation API that aligns with your business needs can be daunting, considering the variety of options available in the market. Since we discussed the languages supported by popular machine translation engines, it's only fitting that we'll walk you through a detailed comparison of some of the most popular machine translation APIs, empowering you to decide on your organization's language translation requirements.

Price Comparison of Popular Machine Translation APIs

  Service Free Version Price Per Million Characters Note Additional Information
1 Google Translate 500,000 characters/month $20.000 Charge begins after first 500,000 characters
  • Free service refreshes monthly
  • Supports over 100 languages
  • Easy to integrate with other applications
  • Excellent for general translation tasks
2 Amazon Translate 2,000,000 characters/month (first 12 months) $15.000 -
  • Supports 75 languages (5550 pairs)
  • Scalable for of large businesses
  • Integrates with other Amazon services
  • Available in the AWS cloud
3 Microsoft Translator 2,000,000 characters/month $10.000 applies for the first 250 million characters a month
  • Free servi class="border border-gray-300 p-4"ce refreshes monthly
  • Supports over 60 languages
  • Integrates with other Microsoft products
  • Offers neural machine translation
4 DeepL 500,000 characters/month $20.000 + $4.99/month subscription fee
  • Considered to be one of the most accurate translation APIs
  • Available in a desktop app and a web app
  • Supports 30+ languages
5 ModernMT Unlimited Characters for 1 month $15.000
  • $8 per 1 million characters (""batch"");
  • - no API integration
  • $50 per 1 million characters (""human-in-the-loop"")
  • - CAT intergration included
  • Offers a variety of translation engines
  • Provides detailed translation statistics
  • Available in a cloud-based API and a self-hosted solution
6 ChatGPT-3.5 Turbo (needs to be supplemented with training data) [none] $0.875
  • ~$0.875 per 1 million characters (4K Context); ~$1.75 per 1 million characters (16K Context)
  • **computed at 4 characters per token
  • A large language model that can translate text from OpenAI.
  • Need to be trained and developed
  • Supports over 100 languages.
7 Yandex [none] $15.000
  • $15 per 1 million characters (> 50 million characters)
  • $6 per 1 million characters (< 500 million characters)
  • **5 pricing tiers available (first and last provided)
  • Supports over 90 languages.
  • Offers both machine translation and neural machine translation.
  • Integrates with other Yandex services
8 Systran

500,000 characters

(w/ 14-day validity)

  • €8.99 per 1 million characters
  • **official pricing is in euros. annual plan also available
  • Recognized for legal and technical translations
  • Supports 50 languages
  • Scalable and customazible

data provided is accurate as of August 2023

Machine translations can significantly benefit businesses by reducing language barriers and fostering global communication. These benefits include cost-effectiveness, improved efficiency, increased accessibility to new markets, and enhanced customer experience. 

Using machine translation APIs saves businesses time and resources, enabling faster content localization and expanding audience reach. Many of them ensure their translated content is accurate by hiring professional translators who can post-edit it, tailoring the content to their target audience, and conducting quality assurance. 

Factors to Consider Before Subscribing to APIs

However, besides the price of an machine translation API, you should be aware of the other factors you should consider when choosing a machine translation API. So you won't regret your decision when selecting one, we have listed them below.

  1. Accuracy and Quality: The accuracy and quality of translations are crucial for any business. Evaluate the machine translation APIs' performance through trial versions or sample translations to ensure they meet your specific language requirements.

  2. Language Support: Check the API's language coverage and ensure it supports the languages pertinent to your business and target audience.

  3. Data Security and Privacy: Review the data security measures provided by the machine translation API provider to safeguard your sensitive information during translation processes.

  4. Customization and Integration: Determine if the API can be customized to match your brand's voice and seamlessly integrated into your existing systems.

  5. Scalability and Reliability: Consider the scalability and reliability of the machine translation API, especially if your business demands substantial translation volumes.

  6. Customer Support: Reliable customer support is essential, so look for an API provider that offers timely assistance when you encounter issues.

  7. User Interface and Documentation: An intuitive user interface and comprehensive documentation can simplify the translation process and assist developers in leveraging the API efficiently.

Considering these factors and the price comparison, you can make a well-informed decision when selecting the Machine Translation API that aligns perfectly with your business needs.


In this day and age, language barriers have become a glaring issue due to the global market. However, due to advancements in translation technology, tools like Machine Translation APIs have become indispensable tools for businesses seeking seamless communication across languages. We hope that with this comprehensive comparison of popular machine translation APIs and careful consideration of important factors, you can find the optimal solution that empowers your business to break linguistic boundaries and expand your reach to new horizons.

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